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Here at send real cards real fast we offer a unique way of sending real cards in the mail right from your computer and we show you how every step of the way.


Send Real Cards Real Fast Right From your Computer

So Simple to use.

These are not eCards but real cards you design and we send.
Personalize with your own Pictures for an option you will not find anywhere else!

Send a Gift With your Card

Try it Free!

Three Ways to Try it.
1. Fill in the form on the right
2. Call us!
3. Simply Click the link below

Try it free

This is NOT an eCard but a real stamped in the mail box card that you can add gifts and your own personal message too, sent fast within 24 hours of clicking send.

All for less than retail, each stock card is printed, stuffed, stamped, and delivered for around $1.45 each. You heard me that includes the stamp.

Send a real card in the mail on us for free, give it a try. You can create your own card in less than a minute, push send and we take care of everything.

We are offering a Free Trial with no personal information required, and we offer full support, we offer an opportunity to earn extra income by offering our card system to others and we offer affordable options with BETTER PRICES than going to the store for a card, filling it out and sending it. Call 704-706-1790 or fill in the form.

Who uses a system like this?

  • Anyone who wants to increase their business using a medium which is affordable, convenient, and accessible 24/7 and much cheaper than traditional forms of advertising.
  • Business owners who want to stay in contact with their customers using the right cost effective solution
  • Individuals who seek to keep in touch with family, friends and associates
  • Entrepreneurs who are looking for a low cost entry to set up a business that can be worked part or full time.

Ask yourself this then fill in the information and start sending real in the mail cards right from your computer.


  • Do you ever send gifts or cards?
  • Do you know anyone that sends gifts or cards?
  • Do you like saving money?

Whether you just want to be a card sender once inĀ  a while, or use this as a business tool, we offer you an affordable way to send cards for any occasion right from your computer.

Register to see a free 3 minute video and to get our free gift to you where you can send a card to anyone you like for free from us to you. You will learn about our system and know if this is a money saving offer you will want to be part of, send cards to family and friends for a fraction of the cost your are spending now.

Fill in the form to get access to these videos and to make your free card now. Or call 704-706-1790 for details.